Our Development Timeline

We have several years of experience in this field before starting Viceprint. If you're curious you can't find the key points here!

Denmark, Copenhagen
Two friends came up with an idea of trying themselves out in t-shirt printing business. We have created a clothing brand and successfully tasted the insights of this industry whilst selling on Etsy
7 years ago
Lithuania, Vilnius
We have returned to our hometown in search of more efficient printing options and have designed or own DIY DTG printer and continued our efforts here
6 years ago
Lithuania, Vilnius
After achieving some continued success with our brand, we felt like we are now in position of offering some variety in our products, thus we included more products as well as newer technologies.
5 years ago
United Kingdom, Newcastle
Once we felt there's not much room for expansion in our local market we started offering individual print-on-demand services in Lithuania for other talents. Moreover, we started selling our products globally with the help of Amazon
4 years ago
Lithuania, Vilnius
After continued years of effort an ambition was born. We felt like we have the knowledge and resources to be a part of print-on-demand community worldwide. We started researching and experimenting with other print-on-demand companies to see whether we can benefit individuals that are trying to achieve success.
2 years ago
Lithuania, Nida
During a hot summer day by the beach we have decided that we area already in position to start developing a platform for other people called Viceprint in honor of Miami Vice and it's beaches. The ambition was born to soon open our first facilities in USA
1 year ago
Lithuania, Vilnius
We have assembled a team of talented individuals to collaborate and work day and night to perfect our platform as well as printing facilities for a mission of benefiting print-on-demand industry and its members.